Tell me

So tell me what you learnt on your selfish little journey
How you found yourself by completely losing me
How you lost the game when it was only stage 3
And left the rest of the 97 here for me
Don’t look at me with eyes like you didn’t mean to leave
And don’t hold me with those hands I don’t know where they’ve been
I know it wasn’t perfect but nothing ever is
But I thought every moment was worth living in

You said you were dying here and you needed to leave
You were my air and I needed to breathe
While you were dying on your feet, I was living on my knees
You dropped me off in hell and ran for your dreams
You left without goodbye just a note on the sheets
Though I know more than anyone here you deserved to be free
One question still plagues my mind before I sleep
Who’s really selfish is it you or is it me?


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