Paper chains

Paper chains

I entered this image for a photography competition surrounding the theme of change, “Paper chains” is about the transition from physical incarceration to mental incarceration. The reason paper chains were used is to emphasise the fact that he could break them easily, so the constraints we have in life are usually more mental than physical. It also highlights the fact that quite a few prisoners read in prison to rehabilitate themselves.


4 thoughts on “Paper chains

      • The picture made me thinking, because… it’s a great picture ! May be, the man has made the paper-chains for reason the stuff lying before him on the floor is totally boring him, like an office clerk, chained to his ninetillfive, who plays with his PC and jumps to an excell sheet, when he feels being observed. Whilst someone at the NSA is supposed to produce “paper chains” and besides feels free to free himself from all the secrets, no one else ever has known of 🙂


      • I like the way you analysed this, like a necessary evil he has to impose on himself to achieve his goal. Thank you for the insight I always love to hear what people think about my work


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