Ghost of the party house

Have you been to the old party house on Sterling drive?
I went the other night, it was a hell of a sight
Serpents slithering across piano keys
Talons plucking guitar strings
Old footprints of showgirls burnt through the wooden floors
Ghosts of bottles past still drip through the cracks in the doors

The past revealed itself like a crystal ball
So when the owl asked me who I was
I showed him the dent in the wall from the last fight I had
And the matching scar on the back of my hand
The spot where I found the love of my life
And the corners where I broke a hundred hearts

So what happened? Where did it all go wrong? Why?
The same thing that happens to everything…. Time
Picking away at the soul of everything under its cloak
So those years are gone forever, let go and go on home


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