The cowards in us

I try to hold my tongue but it threatens to smash though the prison of my teeth
I try to keep my thoughts but they knock at the walls of my skull craving an exit
So now I do it for my own sanity, for my burning conscience
You see, they think we are fools, they think we’re oblivious to their nonsense

They bombard us with lies on the evening news playing on our fears
They tell us who we’re fighting when they should be pointing guns at their peers
But these games are much deeper than we know I suppose
It’s no excuse whatsoever, no excuse to live like this

Instead of getting mad we choose fear
Fear of what? Fear of perishing
But it is that fear that would make us all perish
It is that fear that will destroy us all

So we do nothing, live for nothing
Fight for nothing, we get nothing
And when it comes we die for nothing
All for nothing


2 thoughts on “The cowards in us

  1. Dee. . .I am enjoying viewing your work. I recently watched a movie, 06, a Ridley Scott , with Orlando Bloom in his prime. Heaven’s Gate. Not a great film by any means, yet certainly had a moment in dialogue I loved that seemed to fit this poem. Jerusalem is being besieged by Saladin’s vast army. There is no chance for the coalition of citizens, mostly Christian, to hold the city, yet they dig in, in the hopes that the massive death of fighters on both sides would result in some kind of terms, where the fighting would stop. Of course they know this could not go well for them, yet Saladin has always first waged negotiation and peace in the past. When terms are finally stuck, after massive death on both sides, (Saladin has had enough, knowing he will eventually succeed and knowing his opponent does same), the Bloom character asks Saladin what is so important about Jerusalem. Saladin, with a sly smile, spreads both hands in an outward gesture and says; “Nothing.” Turning to walk away, he stops, and shifting to look back, he sweeps is hands inward, touching finger tips and says; “And everything.” He then walks away towards his army.

    As for fear, what if fear is simply an instinct, valuable to us all? What if we have simply mislabeled emotions and cover them with fear? what if we first looked to pay attention to our fears. . .and the fears of others. . .honored the value of that fear, and than looked to where we can align and deal with the real emotions. . .anxiety, sadness, depression, confusion, that fear is a mask for? Then, just maybe, like Saladin and his opponent, we can see through to the path that lets us align, to see we fight for “everything” when in truth, that is nothing. Nothing and everything have the same state of being.


    • That’s very powerful because taking nothing or everything requires very little conscious effort, just one instruction. It takes mindfulness to take here and give there, to be in balance. I guess that’s why people like absolutism because its all depends on agreement rather than alignment


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