Puddle of words

Who am I without my inspiration and muses?
I admit the force comes from something greater than me
Without it, my mind is but a puddle of images and words
Whirling endlessly in an artless and soulless chaos

Like winter keeps the village lake frozen
The force holds those words in a fractal pattern
The images hold up in a turbulent rhythm
Don’t thaw on me! Give me the time to make sense if it!

Now it’s gone and I wonder if ever it’ll come knocking again
I wonder if I’m being punished for not respecting the gift
Maybe I was too lazy, maybe it was my hubris
But I’ve walked many miles for many moons in search of forgiveness

Come back! Life isn’t the same and I’m going insane
These words just won’t get along without you
And those images have dissolved into a waterfall of tears
Leaving me bedlocked in an existential migraine

If you would just reintroduce yourself to me
I’d be a better man, I’d be a better me
Settle the hurricane in my mind, save me from my psychedelic agony
I want a reason to wake up, be my alarm once again on these cold windy mornings


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