Gravity falling apart

I feel my molecules losing grip of their partners
They lose their hold and slowly they feel the force from within
Desperate and futile they try to hold themselves together
Their electrons zombieing in a tick tock spin

My gravity is falling apart, my brain swimming in a plasma state.

The mountain in my belly bows to greater forces, my Chi turns to dust and the light in my eyes escape through holes in my skull. My words spew out in a fiery dance… Suddenly! Black! Silence! nothingness!

And then….
A ripple

Vibrations in the emptiness strung together melodies
Made of my beating heart and whistling veins
So from sound came light, colour, substance and eventually togetherness
A volcano in my gut and the pacification of entropy.

I still feel them vibrate, itching to break free of their bonds, I shall dance it off and dream away the energy in a radiation of full commanding colours.


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