The amazing race

It’s been an Amazing Race, we’ve explored every location, now for the final stretch, let’s make this one count.

I bend you over the sink, we both keep eye contact through the mirror
Occasionally shutting our eyes to make the feeling clearer
Each time I do, I envision mountains of rainbows vanishing in the sky
We make our way past trees of exploding fireworks frozen in time

Everytime we regain contact I’m transported through tunnels in your eyes that beam me to greater altitudes. Race you to the top? Or meet you at the top.

In a dance of climbs and tunnels we finally rise past the Popsicle rocks
Approaching the ice cream scoop apex with the cherry on top
We meet at the climax and as our irides lock one last time for a split moment
The mountain breeze sends shivers permeating every nerve in our warm bodies

Our minds shoot up to hit the ceiling and softly make its way back down like a falling feather.

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