Valley of memories

I’m going back to the valley to bury my heart, I’m going back to Cali with a hahaha. Since I can’t be here no more, I’m burning a hole through the doors, I came in with a fizzle so I shall leave with a blaze.

So I’m leaving…
And I’m taking my happiness with
And cheerful laughs that echoed to the streets
And I hope our laughter haunts these walls in your sleep
I’m going back to the valley, I’ll leave you on this hill

I can’t help but hope in my soul, that maybe someday you’ll become whole. I hope the sunsets are still as stunning and the nights as magical. I imagine a grey day on that hill with a comforting chill, the clouds breaking to warm up your soul to a happier state.

I’m leaving…
And I’m talking these words with me
And those vibrations of life and entropy
May you find peace in the silence
May the hollow walls never drive your mind to madness

With love, with hurt, with nothing left to hold grudge to. A kiss on the cheek to catch a lone tear, a bittersweet taste to last us a year.


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