Sympathy for the devil

Isn’t his’ like many other tragedies?
Isn’t his’ like any other tragedy?
Condemned by one or more fatal flaws
The higher you are, the harder you fall
A fall like that would break more than bones
A fall like that would crack any soul

Left to wallow in regret for eternity
Destined to spend each chunk of eternity in an agonizing rage
Locked in a fervour of fever forever
Surely that’s a tale to shed a few tears for

We have all come to value the fruits of forgiveness, the power of redemption. Flaws turn to falls and he was probably the most human of us all.

I feel no obligation to view it as a tale of hate
But rather an empathetic cautionary tale
The rest of the story sealed and locked in fate
I offer these sympathies to the devil, compassion for his burning rage.

So he waits in the bowels of Hades for the perfect storm to blow his way.
For probabilities of infinity to swing in his favour
He waits…
He waits…
He waits..
….and weeps


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