Doctor Vs Dr.

Doctor doctor, give me something to help me through those cold days and ugly perturbations through hollow spaces. Oh wizard of the new age give me a spell that I can’t read so that the night can once again welcome me.

Doctor, doctor, will you soothe my pain?
Or I could take a trip to the ganja man
He said he’s got something new just for my sorrows
Something to make time a blur till tomorrow

Doctor doctor, the blues have got me bad and sleep refuses to knock on my door. My heart weighs a couple of tons and my head feels like a full blown war.

But feel no pressure if you can’t help me,
the ganja man can,
the ganja man can,
the ganja man will.

Doctor, doctor, if you need something to soothe your soul after this killer shift, you can call him on 07-IGOTTHEBLUES and he’ll be right there with a couple of greens.

If you’re sick of drips and pills
The ganja man can,
The ganja man can
The ganja man will


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