The Barber’s reveal

I’ve spent many moons escaping the mirror of the barber
And I seem to be hiding behind forests of unkempt hair
We were all agents created and dispatched by the universe
To figure out what the hell is going on in this vast cosmonautical mass

So I imagine being a stray creature, the size of gnat’s breath, lost in the thick black megacosm sitting above my skull. Born without an iota of comprehension for this hopeless predicament.

Someday the blades of the proverbial clipper
Will arrive to uncover the world’s true nature
Eyelids part in the absence of belief
The breeze stings my ever still pupils

But one day

The planet shearers came with their cosmic blades to shave the earth of its clouds. Piles upon piles of multicoloured clouds to be woven into a symphony of robes only fit for Her Majesty.

We watched as our backs lay bare to the heat of the sun
All our telescopes pointed at the great banquet beyond
The thirst set in for the unexpected and our sandpaper tongues
Longed to be drenched in boundless momentum

I’ve spent many moons denying my reflection
I’ve spent even more eluding your affection


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