Small walls

Pens of different colours, pages of different sizes
Some with drawings, some with scribbles
Ashtray at its brim, bottles on their sides
I’m looking out the window but staring into my mind

She said
Many dreams will be made in this little room
Many dreams we’ll fulfil on unsuspecting afternoons
I still walk through certain doors just to feel the rush
But in this very one, it’ll forever be us

I turned to stare at the dilated pits that were her eyes, when all that was left were starry skies and the frantically flickering candle light. Still I could sense the fire in her heart was much more assertive, refusing to bow to the winds of chance.

She said
The whole world fits in this little room
And we’ll turn it inside out for a new reality to bloom
We’ll shape the walls, we’ll love is flaws
And we’ll blur the lines between what’s mine and yours

I said
Together, as long as our breaths are held by these walls and doors, as long as  the breath out of my lungs makes it to yours.


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