Goodbye Valentine

So the petals of your soul have departed from this mortal stem and my hands are cusped to cradle them in loving memories.

Au revoir mon amour, au revoir with my fluttering eyelids
Hands too heavy to wave, and my throat holds a lump of lead
This stem still holds me and many others
Now I guess I have to learn to sway with other flowers

You say you’ll be back but I fear that isn’t how the story goes, and a part of me hopes it isn’t how the story goes.

So get on that giant butterfly to another field
Where the grass is a different shade of green
As you go, my wheels keep turning and spinning
While your wings keep flapping and soaring

Au revoir, tears and all, fears and falls
Be something, be someone, be it all
Be more more than the stalks and thorns
Be the happy fool with the heavy heart


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