3 to 360

Someone once told me all it takes is 3 seconds for life to turn a full 360, slightly less for a 180. Like the rug being pulled from under you, that’s all it takes to switch your point of view.

From thought to trigger to bullet in the head
History at the mercy of brittle moments
Sure the pen triumphs over the sword
But the power truly lies in the hands that hold them both
Still futile to the hands of the mighty clock
That old man prophesied, all it takes is 3 ticks to rock your world

Of course there’s always that lingering thought that one day I’ll blink and by the time I regain my sight it’ll all melt through the cracks in our logic. One thing I’d never forget is how he flicked the orange hat of ash off his cigarette while gazing intensely at the dying sunset, took a deep breath and puffed out his words

Sure events come and go like the twinkling of stars
As long as you live life 3 seconds at a time
3 steps in a line then 3 more to the side
You’ll be sure to arrive right on time

That’s all it takes to come crashing down
That’s all it takes to cut the ribbon


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