Borders of time

He said…
I spoke to my dad the other day, face to face
Yet it felt like we were in different time zones in the same space
Me, existing in my noon, him a man watching the sunset
My today, his yesterday; my deeds, his memories

He spoke through his glasses and I had the impression that had ushered more lights than strobes I’ve seen. His voice carried more power than my hands could lift, and more wisdom that the books I read.

I wondered what it feels like to see the moon wave goodbye
Him praying I don’t take a flight to the night
Don’t sail to that midnight dad, the day still longs for your smile
Yet the river still flows, strong currents and winds

I said…
But we are all going through morning, noon and night
All at the same time
All falling towards the horizon with no idea when we’d hit the line


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