Drumming butterflies 

To experience the human condition 

An affliction riddled with contradictions 

The desire to find eternity within the confines of finitude 

Of course I would like to feel something new 

But without the remorse of forgetting you 


Butterflies are born when I see you…

Your eyes flutter by a code when you turn to

Entertain the distractions that whiz on past,

I’m caught in suspension till our eyes again make contact 


Drummers are born in my heart,

When you smile so wide your lips part,

Their hands suspend the rhythm,

I’m stuck in a vision, 

Yearning to be saved by the very next moment. 


I envision the human condition, 

And images of you come to fruition.

The ineffable dilemma of my moral afflictions, 

The apparent solution to my mortal agitations


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