Letters from Cairo (Pt. 1): Cleopatra

I write this to you thoroughly inebriated in Egypt
So excuse me if things sound a little cryptic
You know, I was in a slump for longer than I’d admit
I guess I got the brutal end of our split
I think I YouTubed Michael Jackson’s “do you remember” one too many times
Yep, I was inspired to come here by my break up anthem
Stupid, I know, you think everything is
But there’s also my love for Cleopatra that motivated this
I’ve always considered myself a daughter of hers in spirit
Plus “Daughter of Cleopatra” has quite a ring to it
But her story is wrapped up in so many mysteries and discrepancies
Like, yeah, she was the first Pharoah queen in over 10 centuries
And yeah she was the last Pharaoh of Egypt
But there were like 6 Cleopatras before her
Her lineage was Greek, not Egyptian
Then there’s all the political nonsense that surrounded her
It’s like the more I knew, the less I could identify with her
Hmmm… I bet that sounds awfully familiar
I could go on but you get the point
Honestly, I wish I knew the point
Maybe a way to occupy my mind with something…
Or nothing…
Either way…
It’s goodbye Cleopatra…


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