Last notice

You know son…
I sometimes wished I never had you
Now don’t take it the wrong way
You are by far the best thing to ever happen to me
But I often question my motives
Growing up frequently haunted
By the pointlessness of this chaotic world
Afflicted by the frayed nature of the human condition
And in my desperate need to create meaning beyond myself
In a bid to possibly immortalise my essence
Albeit temporarily, my instincts pointed to you as a solution
In this moment I’m reminded of Nietzsche’s unsettling words
The best thing is never to have been born
The second best thing is to die soon
Though I understand where he came from
I have a few thoughts of my own
The best thing is to love
The second, to be loved
Well, son….
What’s done is done
I love you till the very end
But this is where I choose for this story to end
And it’s up to you to find your meaning in the pandemonium
It’s a beautiful life and it takes some agony to find the phenomenal
With love…
Your silly old man


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