July’s end

Oh God, it’s July already?
I swear the time is going faster than I can perceive
Yet, at the same time, it feels like it should be December
I always feel like time is lying to me
Yet I seldom have conversations with the clock

If there were a pocket through
Would it reveal itself loud and unmissable?
Or as a quiet whisper?
Calling to star picked heroes chosen by cosmic fate
To take the journey through time’s creases
And its cracks
When they’ve clawed their way through
The jungle of words that make up the story
Perhaps they’ll be back before August begins
But they would have seen multiple seasons
And maybe it’ll beckon them for another adventure
Or maybe reveal itself to another cast of thrill seekers
Or maybe, just maybe they’ll bring back the gift to the rest of us
To propel the earth right around the sun once again
Why didn’t anyone tell me it’s July again?


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