For schezuan

We stared at the green blanket of land stretching to the horizon
Interrupted abruptly by the magenta sky and clouds of cotton floss
What would you stay alive for?
What would you wake up for?


For groggy sunrises and exhausted sunsets
And the sweet pain of new beginnings
For Scooby snacks and Schezuan sauce
For the dripping wax off Icarus
Or the futile acts of Sisyphus


Perhaps fulfilling dreams of San Junipero
And whistling down streets of Eldorado
For open roads and destinations unknown
For the curious and serendipitous glow


What’s it all for?
For honey pots and schezuan sauce
For strands of cheese clinging to the pizza box
For the dying thoughts of Maximus
And golden drops of the falling sun


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