Up and away

We’ve been hiking for hours Mr. Orion
This bag is starting to feel like a heavy stone
And you haven’t slowed down one bit
Can’t we stop for like five minutes?
Orion chuckled
My apologies Darius, but we have to get there or we’ll miss the best part
You know you remind me of something from when I was a child
My mother used to tell me the story of Sisyphus
The king who was punished to push a boulder
Up a hill only to watch it roll down repeatedly forever
As a kid, I was always quite active
Maybe borderline hyperactive
I remember winters growing up in the country side
The snow would cover everywhere in thick blankets of white
We would go to the hill in the morning pulling our sleds
We would drag them up the hill for at least 10 minutes
Only to slide all the way down for a few seconds
I remember doing that till the sun came down
But all I ever spoke about were the epic rides
Even though they’d be impossible without the burning thighs
As they walked along the plateau, the vast openness started to reveal itself, the light from the sun shallowly skated along the surface of the waters in a shimmering glare. The sun had just met with its reflection at the horizon to form a golden figure 8 and the waves applauded against the rocky shores.
Tell me Darius, isn’t that a sight worth the burning thighs?
Let go of the boulder and open your eyes


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