July’s end

Oh God, it’s July already?
I swear the time is going faster than I can perceive
Yet, at the same time, it feels like it should be December
I always feel like time is lying to me
Yet I seldom have conversations with the clock

If there were a pocket through
Would it reveal itself loud and unmissable?
Or as a quiet whisper?
Calling to star picked heroes chosen by cosmic fate
To take the journey through time’s creases
And its cracks
When they’ve clawed their way through
The jungle of words that make up the story
Perhaps they’ll be back before August begins
But they would have seen multiple seasons
And maybe it’ll beckon them for another adventure
Or maybe reveal itself to another cast of thrill seekers
Or maybe, just maybe they’ll bring back the gift to the rest of us
To propel the earth right around the sun once again
Why didn’t anyone tell me it’s July again?

Last notice

You know son…
I sometimes wished I never had you
Now don’t take it the wrong way
You are by far the best thing to ever happen to me
But I often question my motives
Growing up frequently haunted
By the pointlessness of this chaotic world
Afflicted by the frayed nature of the human condition
And in my desperate need to create meaning beyond myself
In a bid to possibly immortalise my essence
Albeit temporarily, my instincts pointed to you as a solution
In this moment I’m reminded of Nietzsche’s unsettling words
The best thing is never to have been born
The second best thing is to die soon
Though I understand where he came from
I have a few thoughts of my own
The best thing is to love
The second, to be loved
Well, son….
What’s done is done
I love you till the very end
But this is where I choose for this story to end
And it’s up to you to find your meaning in the pandemonium
It’s a beautiful life and it takes some agony to find the phenomenal
With love…
Your silly old man


I’ve heard you don’t sleep 

Your eyes as baggy as the nineties 

When are you going to rest? 

She raised her head and then she said 


When I’m rich, great or dead 

That’s when you’ll see me rest my head 

I don’t know if I’ll make it 

I’ll work this heart until I break it 

When I’m rich, great or dead 

That’s when you’ll see me on the bed 

Endless summer

My my, I think time has done a number on us
Wasn’t it just yesterday we were teenagers on the bus?
Piggybacking on fantasies of an endless summer
With ice-cream in one hand and dreams in the other
Walking into a vast world of possibilities
With nothing but time and curiosity
To propel us into the sun
My my, what a number time has done


My my, see how far that we have come
From pondering life at the basketball court
Since my last blind optimism about the future
Since saying goodbye to our last teenage summer
I remember thinking in the sun
Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were born?
My my, see what we’ve become
My my, see what time has done

Letters from Cairo (Pt. 2): Nefertiti

Nefertiti… Have you heard of her?
I feel like everyone has except me
My God, she’s a beauty
I bought a bust of her and couldn’t be more proud
You know she kinda looks like a love child
Of Michael Jackson and the chick in that video
Do you remember the time we played it on an endless loop?
Drank ourselves silly and danced till you threw up
Ha… Weakling 🙂
Anyway, I actually adore her spiritual side
She and her husband brought a revolution of monotheism to Egypt
And they were responsible for one of the wealthiest periods in Egyptian history
Plus she was probably the only Queen with as much power as the Pharoah
I think I’m besotted by her, I’m smitten through and through
I actually think I’m ready to head back home
With dryer eyes and a braver face
Like us, like most things, this is probably a phase
Today it’s Nefertiti
Tomorrow is uncertainty
But I’m fine with that
I’m fine with this
And I’m fine with me
Yours sincerely
Scion of Nefertiti

Letters from Cairo (Pt. 1): Cleopatra

I write this to you thoroughly inebriated in Egypt
So excuse me if things sound a little cryptic
You know, I was in a slump for longer than I’d admit
I guess I got the brutal end of our split
I think I YouTubed Michael Jackson’s “do you remember” one too many times
Yep, I was inspired to come here by my break up anthem
Stupid, I know, you think everything is
But there’s also my love for Cleopatra that motivated this
I’ve always considered myself a daughter of hers in spirit
Plus “Daughter of Cleopatra” has quite a ring to it
But her story is wrapped up in so many mysteries and discrepancies
Like, yeah, she was the first Pharoah queen in over 10 centuries
And yeah she was the last Pharaoh of Egypt
But there were like 6 Cleopatras before her
Her lineage was Greek, not Egyptian
Then there’s all the political nonsense that surrounded her
It’s like the more I knew, the less I could identify with her
Hmmm… I bet that sounds awfully familiar
I could go on but you get the point
Honestly, I wish I knew the point
Maybe a way to occupy my mind with something…
Or nothing…
Either way…
It’s goodbye Cleopatra…


Left hand clenched above the left side of my chest
Right hand holding my fist, heart in suspense
The shaft of an arrow grows like a stem between my fingers
Head rooted to my heart, the fletching blossoming like a flower
I cough out a bout of honey
My chest bursts out red confetti
A call to pull the metal
I fall into a pool of petals
Thus with a kiss I die
To be born in the next moment
Over and over again
With a kiss I die