Letters from Cairo (Pt. 2): Nefertiti

Nefertiti… Have you heard of her?
I feel like everyone has except me
My God, she’s a beauty
I bought a bust of her and couldn’t be more proud
You know she kinda looks like a love child
Of Michael Jackson and the chick in that video
Do you remember the time we played it on an endless loop?
Drank ourselves silly and danced till you threw up
Ha… Weakling 🙂
Anyway, I actually adore her spiritual side
She and her husband brought a revolution of monotheism to Egypt
And they were responsible for one of the wealthiest periods in Egyptian history
Plus she was probably the only Queen with as much power as the Pharoah
I think I’m besotted by her, I’m smitten through and through
I actually think I’m ready to head back home
With dryer eyes and a braver face
Like us, like most things, this is probably a phase
Today it’s Nefertiti
Tomorrow is uncertainty
But I’m fine with that
I’m fine with this
And I’m fine with me
Yours sincerely
Scion of Nefertiti

Letters from Cairo (Pt. 1): Cleopatra

I write this to you thoroughly inebriated in Egypt
So excuse me if things sound a little cryptic
You know, I was in a slump for longer than I’d admit
I guess I got the brutal end of our split
I think I YouTubed Michael Jackson’s “do you remember” one too many times
Yep, I was inspired to come here by my break up anthem
Stupid, I know, you think everything is
But there’s also my love for Cleopatra that motivated this
I’ve always considered myself a daughter of hers in spirit
Plus “Daughter of Cleopatra” has quite a ring to it
But her story is wrapped up in so many mysteries and discrepancies
Like, yeah, she was the first Pharoah queen in over 10 centuries
And yeah she was the last Pharaoh of Egypt
But there were like 6 Cleopatras before her
Her lineage was Greek, not Egyptian
Then there’s all the political nonsense that surrounded her
It’s like the more I knew, the less I could identify with her
Hmmm… I bet that sounds awfully familiar
I could go on but you get the point
Honestly, I wish I knew the point
Maybe a way to occupy my mind with something…
Or nothing…
Either way…
It’s goodbye Cleopatra…


Left hand clenched above the left side of my chest
Right hand holding my fist, heart in suspense
The shaft of an arrow grows like a stem between my fingers
Head rooted to my heart, the fletching blossoming like a flower
I cough out a bout of honey
My chest bursts out red confetti
A call to pull the metal
I fall into a pool of petals
Thus with a kiss I die
To be born in the next moment
Over and over again
With a kiss I die

New moon 

Hello new moon, what will tomorrow bring? 

I tried so hard to see you, I’m glad the clouds went to sleep 

Will you justify my dreams? 

It’s not your job, but it’s still my wish 


We all fear the end 

We all fear next year 

Losing the ones we love 

Or being placed in a forgotten box 

Like read books and old toys 

We all fear sitting in a cold dark room 

With nothing but fears to feed 

And tears to drink 

Because we’re breathing star matter

With no control over half the things that matter 


Last night the sky was lonely without you 

And here you are, being inexplicably you 

Light without the heat 

The verse I’m yet to speak 

Reminding me, 

That though the end is inevitable 

Something new is always possible 


Sometimes I shy away from writing about certain things 

Because I’ve written about it before or it’s too mundane

But then… Why not?


I never get tired of seeing sunsets and sunrises 

Or clouds towering over city skylines

I never get tired of seeing you smile

Or saying hello sinking into your arms

Or seeing kids scream from an overload of joy

Or witnessing stories of people fall in love


Or even the little things

Like ice cold water in the spring summer heat

Like seeing flowers bloom in spring

Or watching ants scamper on table tops

Or the first undress of light when my eyelids open up 


Never tired of daydreaming boring days away

Or flipping through my phone to give my mind a break

Drumming butterflies 

To experience the human condition 

An affliction riddled with contradictions 

The desire to find eternity within the confines of finitude 

Of course I would like to feel something new 

But without the remorse of forgetting you 


Butterflies are born when I see you…

Your eyes flutter by a code when you turn to

Entertain the distractions that whiz on past,

I’m caught in suspension till our eyes again make contact 


Drummers are born in my heart,

When you smile so wide your lips part,

Their hands suspend the rhythm,

I’m stuck in a vision, 

Yearning to be saved by the very next moment. 


I envision the human condition, 

And images of you come to fruition.

The ineffable dilemma of my moral afflictions, 

The apparent solution to my mortal agitations

Crystal rain

There’s somewhere out there across the galaxy
Where it rains glass drops and silicon beads
On a cooling sooty black night
Two moons stage the lights
An assembly of rocks open their eyes
To dance with delight
The drops crystallise on their skins
To form a silvery shimmering film
Glistening colours in perfect rhythm
Far across to the glowing horizon
One of them stops to take it all in
What more could there be to this universe?
This is all there needs to be
Then carries on dancing with glee …