Deep down, we’re all little kids
Wide-eyed, like standing before our birthday cake
Yearning to sink our hands through the glistening layer of icing
To send the sweet spongy layers beneath the surface
Into our mouths
You see
Desire makes us human
It makes us who we are
Our affinity for a certain something
A particular frequency our souls are tuned to
An objective that we’re programmed to achieve
The character arc of our being
A certain signature, a feel
The texture beneath the icing
Our resting state after the wind’s sway
Tathata as the Buddhists would say

It’s what makes us who we are
Show me what you want
And I’ll tell you who you think you are
Show me what you strive for
And I’ll tell you who you really are

The sung heroes

The song came to a solemn end
With a remnant of the piano keys lingering
With sweat running down his face
His forehead shimmering
Playing almost a lullaby tune
He leaned into the mic to speak
This next song goes out to all the souls out there
Putting out fires they never started
To the unsung heroes
The selfless givers of hope

I see you
wearing that smile on your face
I see you
fighting for sunny days
I see you
Saving the world one heart at a time
I see you
Lighting the world, one candle at a time
I see you

This one’s for you
The movers, the shakers
The warriors, day breakers
And the wabba lubba dreamers
The love makers, risk takers
The fighters, the truth keepers
Light seekers and the bad mama jamas

Look up there
You see that endless chasm of stars?
Racing across the linen sky
They came out for you
To give their salutes
And they come out every night
Applauding you with light
And every time I see that sight
I hear their ovation loud and bright
You hear that?
That right there…
This right here…
This song right here is for yoooooooouu…..


You are fire red, I’m more cool blue
We could meet somewhere we call the middle
So as we stare from across the room
I think we could make a little purple
So meet me in the middle
Somewhere in the middle
Give a little, take a little
Meet me in the middle
I’m closer to violet, you’re more like maroon
You’re like stare at the sunset, I’m more howl at the moon
As we both marvel at the twilight’s view
I think we could make a little twinkle
So meet me in the middle
Somewhere in the middle
Give a little, take a little
Meet me in the middle
Maybe you in a dress, and me in a suit
Me at the aisle’s end, you stroll down the middle
With me a little, you a little
We could make a little purple
So meet me in the middle
Somewhere in the middle
When it’s me forever, you forever
Everywhere’s in the middle
So meet me in the middle
Somewhere in the middle
Give a little, take a little
Meet me in the middle

Sandy waves

The dust and debris are blown into a frenzy of waves as your wings lightly flap
Your feet softly kiss the ground and your wings fold meticulously behind your back
It takes two steps for your lips to meet mine, no questions asked
I mean, is there really any to ask?
I could, but time is scarce
And my heart won’t let my lips part
Not when you’re this close
And I think you know…
My words are distilled to a concentrated drop of smiles
And a heated frenzy that won’t allow a gap between your skin and mine
The sand starts to trickle down the hourglass
I remain your nest, your origin, your place to recharge
To feel secure and safe until you can answer the call of the sky
And the horizon
I’m just glad you’re here, in this moment
But the reality only matters
When your wings are rested
and ready to be tested
And again…
Sporadic with a hint of certainty
When the sands of the hourglass fully succumb to gravity
A kiss and two steps away
Then the frenzy infects the dust and the debris again
To wave goodbye

To me


Is this as good as it gets?
Could this be it?
I say staring at the yellow moon
As it skated across a sky painted icy cold blue
Beyond that, planets, stars, galaxies…
I float…
I reach…
Like a feather I fall
Gravity keeps pulling me back to this bloody earth!


Because I’d rather be Icarus than Hercules
I don’t know, I think it’s just how I am
I’d rather give it everything
I’d rather be that boulder flying past the ozone
I blaze…
I soar…
And come down crashing
Like a meteorite I fall
Gravity keeps pulling me back to this damn earth!


My feet burn from the rage
Too hot for this tectonic plate
A flame shoots out my heels
Eyes locked on the golden moon
Through clouds I’m carving tubes
The weight washes off me
I float…
I spin…
Gravity pulls it’s strings
Ha! You devil so sly
Got me again
Like a comet I burn through the sky
Gravity keeps pulling me back to this mischievous earth!


I lay on my back in the heart of a volcano
My spine starts to heat up
I feel the bubbles rumble behind me
Eyes locked on a single twinkle in the moonless sky
Goodbye Moon, Mars,
Saturn, Pluto, Oooo Stars
I’m untethered
A lasso embraces my left leg
You came for me
You were always with me
Into gravity’s arms I fall
Like a shooting star signing across the oily black night
Gravity keeps pulling me back to this darling earth!
This bloody, damn, mischievous, darling darling earth!

This winding road

I would have thought that I would know who I am by now
Or at least who I want to be
But things don’t happen by sheer will or determination
They say; the road to hell is lined with good intentions
Growing old is something that just happens to you
Growing up on the other hand…
Is something you choose to do
I don’t need to be anything more than who I am
But I’m overwhelmed
By the need to be much more than what I am
We blindly hurt innocent bystanders
On the road to finding who we are
Like being armed in the dark
While hearing monsters at your back
So I apologise
For all the blind confidence
And empty arrogance
There is no such thing as a good person
Its a lie we tell ourselves when we don’t want to buy sleeping pills
It always depends on what standard you’re measuring yourself against
But the comforting thing is
You might not be good but you can be better
Or the best person you can…
There is no such thing as being good
But you can tell yourself that, if you need a little snooze