Live your truth

He took a sizeable gulp of the ice-cold water that once called the glass its home. Beads of sweat made their way through the meander of wrinkles on his face.
A smile, a sigh, settled eyes then he began.

You worry too much for your age
But I get it
You know as I got older
I got tired of losing people and breaking things
When I was your age, I cared about nothing
Now all I do is worry
Constantly, constantly
That nagging agony
And anxiety
Of losing something
Or everything

Also as I got older
I learnt to cherish the moments
Not just obliviously walk through them
See, life always feels like living between two worlds
The one that’s slipping away from you
And the one that’s barrelling towards you
Both at full speed, both requiring delicate attention
Ever changing, meticulously and effortlessly efficient
Yet seemingly impossible

But a couple of years ago I realised
That the real miracle is life
Whatever you think it is
It truly is to be cherished
And all I can say is that you live your truth
Live it like no one else can
Live it cos no one else can
I mean, what more is there to say?

Then he took another sip and sank into his chair