New moon 

Hello new moon, what will tomorrow bring? 

I tried so hard to see you, I’m glad the clouds went to sleep 

Will you justify my dreams? 

It’s not your job, but it’s still my wish 


We all fear the end 

We all fear next year 

Losing the ones we love 

Or being placed in a forgotten box 

Like read books and old toys 

We all fear sitting in a cold dark room 

With nothing but fears to feed 

And tears to drink 

Because we’re breathing star matter

With no control over half the things that matter 


Last night the sky was lonely without you 

And here you are, being inexplicably you 

Light without the heat 

The verse I’m yet to speak 

Reminding me, 

That though the end is inevitable 

Something new is always possible 


Sometimes I shy away from writing about certain things 

Because I’ve written about it before or it’s too mundane

But then… Why not?


I never get tired of seeing sunsets and sunrises 

Or clouds towering over city skylines

I never get tired of seeing you smile

Or saying hello sinking into your arms

Or seeing kids scream from an overload of joy

Or witnessing stories of people fall in love


Or even the little things

Like ice cold water in the spring summer heat

Like seeing flowers bloom in spring

Or watching ants scamper on table tops

Or the first undress of light when my eyelids open up 


Never tired of daydreaming boring days away

Or flipping through my phone to give my mind a break