Is this as good as it gets?
Could this be it?
I say staring at the yellow moon
As it skated across a sky painted icy cold blue
Beyond that, planets, stars, galaxies…
I float…
I reach…
Like a feather I fall
Gravity keeps pulling me back to this bloody earth!


Because I’d rather be Icarus than Hercules
I don’t know, I think it’s just how I am
I’d rather give it everything
I’d rather be that boulder flying past the ozone
I blaze…
I soar…
And come down crashing
Like a meteorite I fall
Gravity keeps pulling me back to this damn earth!


My feet burn from the rage
Too hot for this tectonic plate
A flame shoots out my heels
Eyes locked on the golden moon
Through clouds I’m carving tubes
The weight washes off me
I float…
I spin…
Gravity pulls it’s strings
Ha! You devil so sly
Got me again
Like a comet I burn through the sky
Gravity keeps pulling me back to this mischievous earth!


I lay on my back in the heart of a volcano
My spine starts to heat up
I feel the bubbles rumble behind me
Eyes locked on a single twinkle in the moonless sky
Goodbye Moon, Mars,
Saturn, Pluto, Oooo Stars
I’m untethered
A lasso embraces my left leg
You came for me
You were always with me
Into gravity’s arms I fall
Like a shooting star signing across the oily black night
Gravity keeps pulling me back to this darling earth!
This bloody, damn, mischievous, darling darling earth!

This winding road

I would have thought that I would know who I am by now
Or at least who I want to be
But things don’t happen by sheer will or determination
They say; the road to hell is lined with good intentions
Growing old is something that just happens to you
Growing up on the other hand…
Is something you choose to do
I don’t need to be anything more than who I am
But I’m overwhelmed
By the need to be much more than what I am
We blindly hurt innocent bystanders
On the road to finding who we are
Like being armed in the dark
While hearing monsters at your back
So I apologise
For all the blind confidence
And empty arrogance
There is no such thing as a good person
Its a lie we tell ourselves when we don’t want to buy sleeping pills
It always depends on what standard you’re measuring yourself against
But the comforting thing is
You might not be good but you can be better
Or the best person you can…
There is no such thing as being good
But you can tell yourself that, if you need a little snooze