Beautiful Miniscule

Didn’t they say it takes millions of years for mountains to form?
I wonder if they once were as smooth as the ridges on the tip of my thumb
Even the land beneath our feet bows and weaves in the hands of time
Oh and don’t even get me started on the universe
And how we are less significant than a speck of dust on jupiter
But somehow I feel monumental in your presence
Significant enough to forget
That we are nothing but insignif…
Wow your eyes are the size of planets
I’m sorry I got distracted
Did you know there are more atoms in the palm of your hands
Than there are cups of water in the ocean?
And your hair has more sparkles than a desert sky of stars
Oh I apologise… I was saying
It’s all very pointless you see
But why does my compass keep pointing your way?
True north
But where is North in space?
Did you know there are enough neurons in your head to wrap around the earth?
A world in the embrace of your senses
A pulse in the electric ocean of a raging galaxy
Did you know you have enough neurons to send a spark from here to the moon?
See… I told you, you could light up the gloom
I found myself drifting endlessly in thoughts of existential doom
Until there was you
The perfect storm of distractions
An endless warmth of affection
There’s a mountain building up in the pit of my belly
Grounding me to this planet
Then you hold my hand
And we hop skip off Jupitaahh to the nearest supernovahhh
Then to the galaxies of Andromedahhh
All the ahhhhs
Nebulaes, pulsars, quasars and stars
All the ahhhs
Refreshing as cold waters in the summer
Lost in space
Leaving every planet longing for when they’ll see your face
Then those damn hands of time come knocking again
Demanding for something to change
Then maybe our slippery shallow infatuated state
Could shift and drift
To form mountains
Maybe on a strange day on a distant planet
Perhaps one with your neurons wrapped around it
Perhaps one with your mind embracing it
Didn’t they say it takes millions of years for mountains to form?
Together we could move mountains, if time would allow


Agni’s Pass (Full)

My grandma used to tell me stories of times long before her when Pavaka was just a small village in the middle of nowhere. She said the men from the village would go out hunting for deer in the late afternoon. On some days the hunt would take them past the sunset, so they would plead to the fire god Agni to guide them home past the forests of Svaha. He would pluck a flame from the sleeping sun and place it in a lantern to lead them home and in return, they would use the flame to light a campfire when they arrived safely. The people of the village would gather around the fire to repay Agni with stories. After the stories were done, they’d sing him songs of praise and feast as Agni ascended back to the mountains to prepare the sun for another day. The legends say, the only thing Agni loved more than a good story, was a true story.
As time advanced, the people of the village no longer needed Agni to make fires, so he retreated to the mountains, where he and his best friend, Prithvi, the god of earth combined powers to harness lava to carve an intricate web of tunnels and chambers for him to retire, undisturbed for the rest of time…

Ahead of a pair of star-crossed lovers stood two swirling lights piercing intensely
Behind them, endless winding trails through the cool damp caverns of Prithvi, a labyrinth of tunnels that would otherwise have been impossible to navigate without the lantern of truth. The last of two lanterns that had helped them through this treacherous journey, one squandered on a frivolous question and she still held a faint but noticeable resentment towards him for wasting a valuable resource.
Now that the last lantern’s purpose was served, the question answered, the flame in her lantern flickered before dispersing into sparks of golden dust and the amber lines that guided them along the tunnel floors dimmed softly as the chamber descended into a green ambient glow

“Well, that’s our last lantern gone, our last truth burnt-out” she scoffed
“So here we are, the impasse
The infamous Agni’s Pass”
She tried to muster a smile
The last hurdle in their journey
Undoubtedly the most difficult of all
One light to salvation, one light to damnation
They both knew what was at stake
A deadly mistake they couldn’t afford to make
You could say a two-headed snake
Agni’s Pass as the legends say
Trades a soul for a truth, a life for a way

“Let’s have a look, there might be a way around it”
He said as he paced frantically
He stopped to squint past the shadows in the luminescent tunnels behind them
“There has to be another way out of here”
Unmoved, she kept a dead gaze on him
“You know what we have to do, don’t you?” She said
“No we can’t, there has to be some other way” he uttered, negotiating frantically with a reality he couldn’t deny
“It doesn’t matter, we have to get this message out there,
That town depends on it, its people, OUR PEOPLE
Pavaka is falling apart and with this information we have, it might have a fighting chance
We can’t afford to flip a coin on this, the stakes are way too high
In a way, our fates had been sealed since we were down to one lantern”
“I can’t accept that reality… We’re guaranteed to lose each other once we take those steps”
“Well, you should have thought of that before you decided to waste…”
“I know, I know, it’s my fault, I wasted the lantern but I just needed to know” he interrupted
“I just needed to be sure, I guess I could have asked”
” I’ll do you one better, you could have told me how YOU felt, you could have been a man laid it all on the line” she snarled poking him hard in the chest
“but you haven’t changed one bit”
He stood, mouth ajar, dumbfounded
“I… I guess I didn’t realise the cost would be this… everything…”
“But if we don’t do this it definitely will
It’s Agni’s Pass…
You know how the story goes”

They stared at the two glowing portals peering at them
One lives, one dies
One salvation, one damnation
“Well, I’ll just go through the same path you take ”
“Don’t you dare!” She snapped, her voice quivering with a mortified rage
“I’m not letting you go, you know once we walk into those things, it’s goodbye forever”
“Then so be it!” her voice echoed through the hollow tunnels behind them
“But don’t you dare pretend that all those lives out there don’t matter
It’s not romantic, it’s… it’s disgusting”
He let out a heavy sigh
“I guess there’s no arguing with that, you’re right”
“Of course I am”

“Do we have to do this, right now?” he slumped to his knees
Her tense shoulders dropped
“I’m sure we have a couple hours to spare,
Death can wait” she said as she knelt to kiss him
“Do you think there’s any chance that we both make it out of here?” he whispered
“This is…”
“Yeah, yeah… Agni’s Pass
Truth for soul, blah blah blah” he muttered
She smiled and uttered
“I feel like the things we went through on this journey pale in comparison to this moment right here,
All we saw,
All that we lost,
If this is it for me,
There’s no one else I’d rather be spending this moment with
And that’s one truth that would never burn out”

As the minutes inched on, lots were shared, stories, laughs, tales of unrequited love, blissful adventure, and emotions unfamiliar.
“You know, to be honest, I didn’t choose to come on this journey to save the town or for any noble reason, I did this because of you” he said
“What about the people you have there”
“Heh, Who? I have nothing left in that place”
“I thought you loved Pavaka”
“Because I was so eager to step up to save the day?” he chuckled
“Naaaaah, you have no idea how horrible it was growing up there being the unpopular kid, all that town showed me were a bunch of assholes and I couldn’t wait to leave”
They were oblivious to the fact that the green glow in the chamber had started to shift to a yellow tint
As he stared into the emptiness, he smiled and said
“You know in my head I saw my story being the outcast who left the town to reinvent himself, come back and get the girl he’s always dreamed of”
“Lemme guess, the moment the crisis came up you thought this was the perfect opportunity to be the hero to swoop me off my feet” she laughed
“You’re such a chomp”
He laughed along to hide his embarrassment
“So you see, for me, if I lose you, I lose Pavaka, I lose everything, I lose it all”
The chamber was now a vibrant amber glow, the swirls in the portals were now synced and a whistle screamed from the portals echoing through the tunnels
Startled, they turned their heads towards the portals
Agni’s Pass they say…
Trades a soul for a truth
And the only thing Agni loved more than a good story was a true story